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RE: Segmentation Fault from dir of a DVD drive.

From: Adam Robertson
Subject: RE: Segmentation Fault from dir of a DVD drive.
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 14:50:42 -0700

I figured out what caused the panic and Segmentation violation and thought the community might want to here the solution.
Here is how I narrowed the problem down. I had two identifical files, each in different directories on a hard drive. In one of the directories a 'dir' resulted in a panic, in the other director it didn't. One file I had downloaded from a remote server, the other was copied from a DVD. A diff on the files gave me no clues and absolute zero differences in the file. I then noticed the file that caused a panic had a date of  June 1905. (Created on a linux system without a battery to maintain the clock gives us a default date that pre-dates modern computers).
 I used  mingw to 'touch' the file that was giving me problems, and no more panic! Problem solved.
(Unfortunately the files on a DVD can't be touched so easily, but a cheap portable hard drive solved the problem of copying 12G of data to a place I could touch them).
On a WinXP running Octave 3.0.0 I wanted to get a list of the files on a DVD. I changed to directory D:/ to access the DVD and a simple directory listing with 'dir' caused this:
panic: Segementation violation -- stopping myself ...
attempting to save variables to 'octave-core'...
warning: unable to open 'octave-core' for writing...
Octave completely freezes up and I have to manually kill the process with task manager.
Any suggestions?

Adam Robertson

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