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Re: ODF spreadsheets

From: Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso
Subject: Re: ODF spreadsheets
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 17:54:06 -0600

On 23/01/2008, Muthiah Annamalai <address@hidden> wrote:
> kensmith wrote:
> > On Thursday 17 January 2008 12:39, Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso wrote:
> >
> >> On 17/01/2008, Mats Hedlund <address@hidden> wrote:
> >>
> >>> Is there any work being done for import/export to ODF spreadsheets?
> For anyone interested in doing this work, a good starting point would be
> look at
> Gnumeric / Gnome-spreadsheet's OO.o export facilities, and rewrite the
> same into
> an OCT file.

So this would require Octave to recognise a new Spreadsheet data
type... cell arrays or numeric matrices don't seem like they would fit
spreadsheets in them.

On second thought, if you really want to represent all the data of a
spreadsheet in Octave, this seems like a nontrivial task.

- Jordi G. H.

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