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Octave parallel computing toolbox

From: Ganesh Bikshandi
Subject: Octave parallel computing toolbox
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 10:48:06 +0530

Dear Octave Developers/Users,

We have developed a  parallel programming library intended for (C or
F77) + MPI programmers. The library is more productive and offers
better performance than MPI.

 We are planning to have a MATLAB port of the library. But, since
MATLAB has several  parallel programming tools (Mathworks themselves
ship a Distributed Computing Toolbox) which provide adequate support
for parallel programming, we are now pondering over porting to OCTAVE
instead. We want to know the state of the art in OCTAVE parallel
programming. We need a strong business case for our project. If OCTAVE
does not have capabilities similar to MATLAB, then poring our library
to OCTAVE will result in a new product. In this regard, if you can let
us know the current support for OCTAVE parallel programming and the
necessity of parallel programming tools in OCTAVE, that will give us a
clear picture.


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