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Re: pcolor + contour

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: pcolor + contour
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 10:13:44 +0100
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Puckja wrote:
> Puckja wrote:
>> With 3.0, the following code seems to overlap contour on pcolor correctly:
>> octave:> pcolor(z);shading flat; hold on
>> octave:> contour(z);
>> However, I have a real data set, but just cannot show the contour line
>> with the following code:
>> h1=pcolor(d1); shading flat; hold on;
>> [c2,h2]=pcolor(eps,1); % with colormap(jet)
>> where d1 is a 60x120 intensity map with magnitude ranging [0 5] and eps is
>> same size map with bottom half being 1 and upper half being 2.3 (just like
>> a half plane so I only need one contour to see the separation).
>> I can not see the contour even by using 
>> set(h2,"edgecolor","white");
>> BUT, if I do [c3,h3]=contour(d1), then immediately both contour for d1 and
>> eps show up. Then, I can set the edgecolor of h2 to whatever I want.
>> This may be a workaround if I can delete the contour of d1 (h3).  I tried
>> to delete(h3), but it didn't work either.  So I am stuck.
>> Thanks for your help!!
>> Puck
> OK, I find the way to delete the h3 contour accidentally.  h3 is actually an
> array so by doing delete(h3(1)) the unwanted contour of d1 is deleted and
> leave the one I want.
> It may be solve more gracefully by upgrade to new gnuplot, but if I don't
> have time to try various gnuplot to find out yet.
> Anyone has found out which version of gnuplot solves this issue?  
> Thanks!
> Puck
I think no version, except maybe the CVS of gnuplot solve this issue as
its to do with the hidden surface removal capabilities of gnuplot. There
was a gnuplot patch discussed on the gnuplot lists in December that
addressed this and perhaps its been applied, though I don't follow the
gnuplot lists and can't say.


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