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Re: octave c++ documentation

From: Jonathan Stickel
Subject: Re: octave c++ documentation
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 09:40:19 -0700
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David Bateman wrote:
Jonathan Stickel wrote:
I am trying to write some octave functions in c++. I have read "Da Coda Al Fine" and looked at the "C++ API" as linked from the octave-forge webpage. However, those references are insufficient to learn about all that is available in the octave c++ core. Is there any other documentation that I am not aware of? I would like to have a reference for things like OCTAVE_LOCAL_BUFFER, octave_read_double, etc, and some better documentation of the octave classes.

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Read the Appendix A of the manual.. An older version of the appendix is
available in html form at


OK, that does help; not sure why I overlooked that before. Also after careful browsing of the C++ API pages I do see mention of the various internal functions under "File Members". It would help to have some prose documentation of these functions, but I know that would take a bit of effort and is probably relatively low priority to the active developers who are knowledgeable in this area. I will do my best with what is available.


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