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Octave Forge functions in 3.0.0

From: P.J.G. Long
Subject: Octave Forge functions in 3.0.0
Date: 04 Feb 2008 12:59:45 +0000

I apologies if I have missed a previous post, but I am having problems getting our installation of 3.0.0 to work as our 2.1.73 version.

The most obvious problem is related to some of the plotting functions we have been using, e.g. multiplot, legend and __gnuplot_raw__. Everything was working in 2.1.73, we then upgraded to 2.9.9 and I managed to mod the code to accept everything, with no errors/warnings, but with some issues of double printing the legend when plotting multiple datasets.

In the move to 3.0.0 the legend issue seems to have disappeared, but we now get multiple warnings re the use of __gnuplot_raw__ / __gnuplot_set__ to the point that I don't seem to be able to redirect the output to a .svg file as before, I am getting zero length files although the file is created. I addition, multiplot, which I assume comes from the octave-grace set of packages doesn't seem to work correctly, but this may be due to some dependancies. Is there a predefined method to installing the same packages as in 2.1.73 with a single command or does each package need to be 'installed' manually?

Thank you for any help


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