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Re: gnuplot terminal activation

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: gnuplot terminal activation
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 15:05:11 -0500

On  2-Feb-2008, juanjo wrote:

| I am replying to myself hoping that it will be helpful for somebody.
| It seems that the use of __gnuplot_raw__ as, 
| octave:> __gnuplot_raw__("set terminal gpic;\n")
| octave:> __gnuplot_raw__("set output 'figura.m4';\n")
| octave:> replot;
| octave:> __gnuplot_raw__("set terminal x11;\n")
| works or at least it should work. I think the problem is with the 'replot'
| function because it doesn't work in octave 2.9.16.

Now that 3.0.0 has been released, 2.9.16 is obsolete.  Please consider

| However, I have doubts because when the gpic terminal is activated the next
| plot should go to that terminal instead of the x11 terminal (screen) and the
| function plot gives a new plot on the screen. I suppose it will be solved in
| next versions.

See the NEWS file for Octave 3.0.0.  The __gnuplot_X__ functions no
longer have any effect on plots generated with the higher level plot
functions like plot, semilogx, mesh, etc., and will be removed from a
future version of Octave (they are already gone from the main
development branch in CVS).


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