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Starting Octave Windows XP

From: Michael J. McCann
Subject: Starting Octave Windows XP
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2008 03:29:33 +0000

I have just installed Octave. I had been introduced to Matlab (R2007a) but can't use it now. Octave seems to be an alternative.
        Doing calculations at the command line is OK,
BUT to be useful I need to store code and retrieve it on a project by project basis.

I have never used UNIX etc so all references to its workings are meaningless. DOS commands no longer make sense and I can't get then to work in the command window anyway. Things like >CD .. etc produce no response.

I can't see any instructions that allow me to save ".m" files where I can later get at them (e.g somewhere in "My Documents" ) nor a means to bring them back or use them again. The "path" instruction is no help as it doesn't yield any useable information. The working directory is referred to in the help files but not where it is nor how to select it. I need to be able to keep a collection of files for each project in its own folder (working directory I presume).

I see no definitions of syntax or rules for functions or file naming. Am I to assume that I use a Matlab text? The editor allows me to save files anywhere in the Windows folder structure, but that bears no relation to the Octave files.

Please can you point me to some help?

Dr Michael J. McCann,           Date: 2008.02.08        03:26gmt
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