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Re: contourf and linewidth

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: contourf and linewidth
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2008 12:46:52 -0500

On  8-Feb-2008, David Bateman wrote:

| Marco Caliari wrote:
| > Hi.
| >
| > Is it possible to specify the line width of the contour levels in 
| > contourf? The following
| >
| > contourf(peaks,'LineWidth',2)
| >
| > does not work in Octave 3.0.0, i.e., no error but no thicker lines.
| >
| > Best regards,
| >
| >   
| Try it with contour also.. No errors, but no lines :-)
| The issue is that the contours are in fact patch objects and not lines
| so that something like "colormap cool" will change their color. In
| contourf the patches FaceColor is "flat" and in contour it is "none".
| Neither __go_draw_axes__.m nor __contour__.m respected the linewidth
| variable. And worse, the __contourc__ function choked on the linewidth
| variable generating no lines with the contour function. See the attached
| patch that should fix this issue.

I applied this changeset to my archive.



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