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signal analysis

From: Paolo Ariano
Subject: signal analysis
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 14:38:57 +0100

dear all

i was using octave during my thesis for simulations and data analysis
and now i'm back to octave to try to analyse data but i need a starting
point ...

my data are from cell fluorescence and i need to perform analysis such
as clampfit:
Threshold Event Detection
Baseline adjustment, leak subtraction
Shape statistics

or neuromatic on igorpro:
Sorting, Scaling, Averaging, Interpolation 
Max/Min/Mean/Level/Slope Measurements
Stability/Stationarity Analysis
Spontaneous Event Detection
Waveform Template Matching
Spike Raster Plots
Interspike-Interval and PeriStimulus Time (PST) Histograms 

does somebody know how to start ?

thanks a lot
Neuroscience PhD
Post-doc @ University of Torino

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