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Distinguishing Octave from Matlab

From: Primoz PETERLIN
Subject: Distinguishing Octave from Matlab
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 10:33:22 +0100

Hello everyone,

I am sure this question has sprung up before, yet I am unable to find it in the archives. I am collaborating on a project with people using Matlab. The code is mostly portable, but there are a few quirks on one side or the other. The clumsy way which we are using now involves commenting out the Matlab code and uncommenting the Octave code on my side, while the guy on the other end performs the reverse process. What I would want to have is some way with which the script could automatically determine whether it is running in Octave or in Matlab, i.e., something like

if (octave)
   % some octave code here
   % equivalent matlab code here

Needless to say, it has to work on both ends. My closest match would be to use version() and some manually built-in knowledge (i.e., if the first character returned by version() is '2' or '3', we are likely to be running Octave, and if it is '7', we are likely to be running Matlab). Is there a more elegant way to do it?

TIA, Primoz

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