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Re: Distinguishing Octave from Matlab

From: Primoz PETERLIN
Subject: Re: Distinguishing Octave from Matlab
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 15:41:51 +0100

Thanks to everybody for your help!


2008/2/15, Søren Hauberg <address@hidden>:
fre, 15 02 2008 kl. 11:32 +0100, skrev David Bateman:

> In this case yes.. The reason is that "OCTAVE_VERSION" is a builtin in
> recent versions of Octave and was previously a variable, therefore we
> can either check both "var" and "builtin" resulting in the need two
> tests, or as we don't care about the speed of the first call, just check
> all possibilities for the type of OCTAVE_VERSION. This allows this
> function to identify all versions of Octave I know of.. However, the use
> of exist twice will be slower, and a generic exist call is even slower
> as it searches the loadpath for possible functions, thus causing disk
> activity. So its better to use a persistent in this case.

Makes sense -- thanks for explaining.


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