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Re: A couple of beginner's questions

From: Archambault Fabien
Subject: Re: A couple of beginner's questions
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 08:58:33 +0100
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p.numminen a écrit :
Question 1:
How would I command Octave in order to find all the values of x that would
make the functions

f1(x) = 1.035568^x * 1000 - 1000 and
f2(x) = (1.025668^x * 1000 - 1000) * 0.72

equal with each other?
I am not sure but if you try to write f1(x)-f2(x) = 0 and solve it with the fsolve function it will work I think. You can see the help at this page :

Not really explicit but this function is for nonlinear solving.

Question 2:
How would I command Octave in order to solve the equation

1.035568^x * 1000 - 1.025668^x * 720 - 280 = 0

I think also see with fsolve because your equations are nonlinear. Or by hand using the "ln" function...

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