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Re: revised: How to set xtics in 2-D plot in Octave 3.0.0 on a PC with W

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: revised: How to set xtics in 2-D plot in Octave 3.0.0 on a PC with Windows Vista
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 05:08:00 -0500

On 28-Feb-2008, Tatsuro MATSUOKA wrote:

| I also would like to add the following
| ************************************************************
|           ax=gca();
|           set (ax, "xtick", [pi/4, pi/2, pi, 1.5*pi, 2*pi])
|           set (ax, "xticklabelmode", "Manual")
|           set (ax, "xticklabel", ["Pi/4";"Pi/2";"Pi";"3*Pi/2";"Pi"])
| creates a plot with manually set of the tics in x axis.
| *****************************************************************
| (My Engish is poor, please correct the above)

I'm sorry, but I don't have time to edit every suggestion or
contribution, so I suggest you work together with someone else who can
help with the English and submit patches when it is likely that they
could be applied without much additional editing.

| I searced for plot.txi.  I could not find the corresponding part.
| To which file I should add the above and the make a diff file.

The text you refer to is in scripts/plot/gca.m.

But I don't think that is the best place to document the xtick and
xticklabel properties.  The point of the example in the gca help text
is to show that it is possible to modify the axes using the handle.
The use of the position property is arbitrary, and we can't include
examples for all properties there.

I think it would be better to improve the descriptions of the graphics
properties in the plot.txi file.  In addition to improving what is
already there, it would also be helpful to make sure all properties
are documented.  I think a number of properties have been added since
the 3.0 release that have not been added to plot.txi yet.


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