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Re: Looking for Vibration analysis tools

From: Francesco Potortì
Subject: Re: Looking for Vibration analysis tools
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2008 10:50:05 +0100

>It is beginning to look like the Octave 'bilinear' function is  
>sufficiently different to the matlab 'bilinear' to possibly be the source  
>of my problems.
>I have just found my original translation of the matlab bilinear function  
>for use in Rlab2, and it looks quite different to the Octave bilinear  
>function. I did a lot of work on this stuff about 8 years ago and had not  
>needed it since, so it is all having to be re-learned, not the least being  
>how to now translate it all to Octave.

>From what you write, it looks like you are more aware of the problems
you are meeting than I am, so I think that even looking at your function
I would not be of much help, sorry.

However, if you come up with an explanation of why octave-forge's
bilinear function is different from Matlab's and if and how this
difference should be corrected, please send a patch with an explanation
to the Octave forge list <address@hidden>.  

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