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/usr/bin/texi2html hangs octave-forge/doc build on Mac OS X

From: Julius Smith
Subject: /usr/bin/texi2html hangs octave-forge/doc build on Mac OS X
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2008 14:34:36 -0700

Hi All,

In trying to 'make all' in the latest octave-forge repo working copy on Mac OS X (Macbook Pro), I got a hang at

Making html comms.html
[indefinite hang]

Drilling down I found that /usr/bin/texi2html was hanging.  I happened to have another one in /opt/local/bin (presumably installed via 'port install texi2html' or 'port install tetex' or the like), and that fixed it.  I made the following change in Makeconf:

#TEXI2HTML = /usr/bin/texi2html -split_chapter -number
TEXI2HTML = /opt/local/bin/texi2html -split_chapter -number

and now the build is proceeding.


"Anybody who knows all about nothing knows everything" -- Leonard Susskind

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