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Re: Numerical Integration

From: Søren Hauberg
Subject: Re: Numerical Integration
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2008 13:21:23 +0100

søn, 07 12 2008 kl. 12:38 +0100, skrev Jaroslav Hajek:
> With more modern Fortran compilers, recursion is no problem (just
> declaring the procedure RECURSIVE). A lot of problems with the Fortran
> sources could go away if we resigned on compatibility with the ancient
> f2c and g77.

Could we just check if it is possible to make a procedure RECURSIVE
during compilation? If it is possible, we could let 'quad' work
recursively, and if not we could fall back to the current situation. Or
perhaps it would be a bad thing if some code worked on some platforms
but not on others?

> The principal obstacle to doing so is that for building with MSVC on
> Windows, no suitable Fortran 90 compiler is freely available. It
> doesn't seem acceptable to require users that want to build themselves
> with MSVC to also purchase Intel Visual Fortran or similar product (we
> could get money together to buy our regular Windows builders a
> license, so that binaries would still be available).

Perhaps Intel could be persuaded to donate a few licenses to their
compilers? What about mingw -- does that come with a fortran compiler?


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