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Re: interactive plotting functionality

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: Re: interactive plotting functionality
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2008 21:23:32 -0500


I have time for more detail.

Assuming the answer you get is "aqua"

(1) <ctrl>+click on in the Applications folder and select "Show Package Contents"
(2) Double-click on "Contents"
(3) Double-click on "Resources"
(4) Open "script" with TextEdit (or some other text editor ... not MS Word or such).
(5) Replace the following ...

    if ProcessList contains "Terminal" then
      do script ("exec '${ROOT}/bin/octave'")
      do script ("exec '${ROOT}/bin/octave'") in front window
    end if


    if ProcessList contains "Terminal" then
      do script ("export GNUTERM=x11; exec '${ROOT}/bin/octave'")
do script ("export GNUTERM=x11; exec '${ROOT}/bin/octave'") in front window
    end if

(6) When you run octave it should now use x11, and rotation via the mouse should be possible. To check type "sombrero" place the mouse over the plat, hold the mouse button down and move it back and forth.

If the result of getevn("GNUTERM") is "x11" then skip to (6)

If you still do not have success, check your gnuplot version again. This time, from octave's command line type "__gnuplot_version__".


On Dec 25, 2008, at 2:16 PM, Ben Abbott wrote:

Are you sure gnuplot is using x11 and not Aquaterm? What do when you
type the following at the octave prompt? ...

        ans = aqua


On Dec 25, 2008, at 1:47 PM, Dan Mennitt wrote:

Ok, thanks for stepping through this with me.

"$gnuplot --version" returned "gnuplot 4.0 patchlevel 0" and "which
gnuplot" returned  "/usr/local/bin/gnuplot" which is my original
installation.  Macports installed a newer version of gnuplot (4.2)
in opt/local/ which did not take precedence over the the first
version.  I removed both of these using rm.  Also, was running
octave 3.0.2  so I deleted that app from the applications folder and
replaced it with 3.03 from your link.  Also dragged the new Gnuplot
app 4.2.3 from extras to the applications folder.  Now, "which
gnuplot" doesn't return anything.  So everything should be alright,
right?  Well I can plot something with Octave, X11 fires up, and
there are mouse coordinates in the corner of the plot but how do you
zoom and rotate?  clicking has no effect. . ?


Ben Abbott wrote:
Did you download Octave 3.0.3?

For this version of Octave you'll need gnuplot 4.2.3 or greater.
You likely have more than one gnuplot on your mac. When you
downloaded the from sourceforge it contained an
"Extras" folder which contains "gnuplot-4.2.3-i386/ppc.dmg". If you
installed this there should be a in your Applications

Do you have a gnuplot in our Applications folder?  and if so what
is its version number?

My understanding is that  when the octave bundle you have is run it
will look to see if a gnuplot exists in the path and then look for
the gnuplot bundle in your Applications folder.

To determine if there is another gnuplot in your path, open a
terminal window and type "which gnuplot". What I get is below,

  $ which gnuplot

To determine the version of this gnuplot, type

  $ gnuplot --version
  gnuplot 4.3 patchlevel 0

Does "which gnuplot" return anything? ... if so, what version?

I'm running the developer's version of gnuplot which I built by
adding a local package to the Fink package management system.
You're results will be different.

I suspect you have more than one gnuplot installed and that one is
version 4.0 and the other 4.2.

Once it is determined where the 4.0 version resides, I recommend
you update or uninstall it.


On Dec 24, 2008, at 10:34 AM, Dan Mennitt wrote:

great, that's good to hear.  I am using X11, although
getenv("GNUTERM") simply returns:

ans =

weird.  I installed octave from a .dmg  from the GNU octave
repository at  This gives you a nice aqua-style
icon to click on that starts up the terminal and runs octave.  The
problem may be with my gnuplot installation.  Weeks ago, I
installed version 4.0.  While trying to get the zoom to work, I
used macports to install the latest version of gnuplot.   The
installation went smoothly, but now when I run gnuplot from the
terminal it shows 'version 4.0', whereas before i rebooted my
machine it showed 4.2.  What went wrong?


Ben Abbott wrote:

On Dec 23, 2008, at 9:18 PM, Ben Abbott wrote:

On Dec 23, 2008, at 8:49 PM, Dan Mennitt <address@hidden> wrote:

hey everyone,

I am using Octave 3.0.2 on mac osx with gnuplot.  I would really
like to
be able to zoom in and rotate 3d plots using the mouse with
After searching a bit, I have seen much chatter on this issue
and the
answer seems to be that its just not possible with the current
of gnuplot. Is anyone using an alternative plotting utility that
this functionality?


What version of gnuplot are you running?

By chance are you using Aquaterm?

If yes, try the x11 terminal instead.


I've got a better internet connection than my cell phone now. If
my response is confusing, you can determine the terminal you're
running by typing 'getenv("GNUTERM")' at octave's prompt.

If the response is "aqua" then you are running aquaterm. Aquaterm
produces nicely rendered plots, but does not permit the mouse to
zoom/rotate the plot.

I do not recall when the rotation was first supported by gnuplot,
but I'm sure it does work for the x11 terminal for gnuplot
version > 4.2.3.

If you are running octave with aquaterm, it is possible to switch
to the x11 terminal. The method to accomplish that will depend
upon how you are running octave. Where did you obtain you copy of
octave from ... and how do you launch it?


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