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Re: save and load bug.

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: save and load bug.
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 12:20:55 +0100
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Søren Hauberg wrote:
søn, 28 12 2008 kl. 11:12 +0100, skrev David Bateman:
Either don't save all of the variables or don't have database or ftp that rely on SWIG loaded.... The swig packages don't have the code to save the swig objects.. Perhaps these packages shouldn't be marked as autoloaded

I don't know this part of the code, so this might be a silly question.
How hard would it be to extend the swig code to support saving variables
such that when the user tries to save these variables a warning is
printed saying that the variables won't be saved?


Reading ftp_wrap.cpp I see the following

 // octave_swig_type plays the role of both the shadow class and the class
 // representation within Octave, since there is no support for classes.
// These should really be decoupled, with the class support added to Octave // and the shadow class given by an m-file script. That would dramatically
 // reduce the runtime complexity, and be more in line w/ other modules.

 class octave_swig_type:public octave_base_value {
   struct cpp_ptr {
     void *ptr;
     bool destroyed;
     cpp_ptr(void *_ptr):ptr(_ptr), destroyed(false) {

So it seems the solution is to implement the comment about the shadow class being written as OOP code in octave and then the load/save of SWIG objects would be implemented ass OOP objects can be loaded and saved in Octave 3.1.51+... Xavier Delacour wrote this stuff perhaps he'd be willing to look at this conversion.

Note however this seems to be unrelated to the original issue in this thread.


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