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Re: package arpack is not installed

From: aicha khabil
Subject: Re: package arpack is not installed
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 23:32:19 +0100

Thanks ,i want to use octave but i don't  know how ! no interface user for this application ?
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2009/1/15 Søren Hauberg <address@hidden>
tor, 15 01 2009 kl. 22:51 +0100, skrev aicha khabil:
> But how can i run octave soft because when i run it , the window as
> terminal is open i dont know what to do after ??
> Is hasn't an interface user

First of all, please remember to CC the list (press 'reply all' instead
of 'reply' in your e-mail program) when you reply. That way, more people
can learn from your problems.

That being said, what are you trying to accomplish? The example you send
was that you tried to run unix commands in Octave, which isn't
meaningful. So, you need to explain what you want to accomplish.


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