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controlling subprocesses

From: Michael Grossbac
Subject: controlling subprocesses
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 17:34:32 +0100
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The manual (ch. 37.5) suggests popen and popen2 for communication
between Octave and other processes. I tried to interface AutoIt
(v3.3.0.0, - a Basic dialect - through
popen2 but somehow got stuck. I am quite sure that I make a mistake on
the Octave side but cannot find what I am doing wrong. Maybe someone on
the list can enlighten me. Here's what I do:
The Basic script octavetest.au3 takes a command line argument and shows
it in a message box. This works fine if I call it from the prompt in a
DOS box on Windows XP:
U:\>C:\Programme\AutoIt\AutoIt3.exe d:\comm\octavetest.au3 7
As expected, the message box shows a 7 (if I change the command line
argument the value shown changes accordingly).
If octavetest.au3 is called from Octave as in:
d:\comm\octavetest.au3 7')
[the above on one line!] Octave responds with
error: popen2: process creation failed
does start AutoIt but obviously without running the script octavetest.au3
I'd be grateful for any hints and pointers.

Thanks, Michael

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