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Re: embedding octave twice causes warning: duplicate binary operator

From: Soeren Sonnenburg
Subject: Re: embedding octave twice causes warning: duplicate binary operator
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2009 21:02:07 +0100

On Wed, 2009-03-04 at 12:40 -0500, John W. Eaton wrote:
> On  4-Mar-2009, Soeren Sonnenburg wrote:

Dear John,

> | I've embedded octave following the embed example on the wiki (that
> | successfully resulted in a run octave code from R or python and vice
> | versa).
> | 
> | Running the code
> | 
> | octave_main(argc,argv,1);
> | <code>
> | do_octave_atexit();
> | 
> | multiple times gives me many warnings like
> | 
> | warning: duplicate binary operator `>' for types `uint32 scalar' and 
> `uint32 scalar'
> [...]
> | So I am now wondering how to properly cleanup octave such that they
> | don't occur.
> The do_octave_atexit function doesn't uninitialize Octave.  It just
> runs the list of functions that have been registered with "atexit".
> I don't think there is a way to unregister operators (Octave itself
> doesn''t need functionality like that).

I see. Also that functionality is probably not what 99.99% of the users
need. Anyway things work now (for strings of arbitrary type, matrices of
arbitrary type, vectors and scalars). I am happy to say that I got
matplotlib to plot from within octave, ohh well and octave can now run
embedded from matlab too. In case there is interest I can create a
snapshot of shogun that demonstrates this.

> I would suggest only embedding and initializing it once in your
> application.  If you need to do something different, then you'll need
> to do some work to implement functions that properly shutdown and
> cleanup the Octave interpreter so that it may be initialized again.
> But since Octave is not reentrant/thread safe, even if you do that,
> you will likely only be able to initialize one copy of Octave at a
> time.

I had this crazy(?) idea of running python from octave which then again
embeds octave to do something. As this crashed (but first printed the
above warnings) I was under the impression that I could get this to run.

Hmmhh, I guess I should embed R too.

> | Ahh and how would it be possible to muten octave when it is running
> | embedded (not print the copyright notice all the time?)
> Pass "-q" in argv?

Thanks, that just works fine.


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