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Re: embedding octave twice causes warning: duplicate binary operator

From: Alain Baeckeroot
Subject: Re: embedding octave twice causes warning: duplicate binary operator
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 21:43:46 +0100
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Dear all

We are just starting a project, where we would like to have one octave 
instance (near 100 MB memory used) with a php interface for several 
simultaneous users.

In our idea, 
- octave gets the input datas (read only) from a postgres database (this 
already work) and then
-   each user (probably no more than 10 simultaneous) gives some parameters 
and octave run the adequate functions and draw some nice graphics. 

Le 04/03/2009 à 18:40, John W. Eaton a écrit :
> I would suggest only embedding and initializing it once in your
> application.  If you need to do something different, then you'll need
> to do some work to implement functions that properly shutdown and
> cleanup the Octave interpreter so that it may be initialized again.
> But since Octave is not reentrant/thread safe, even if you do that,
> you will likely only be able to initialize one copy of Octave at a
> time.

Do this mean that we need to launch one octave process per user ?

As function arguments are passed by value, we thought we could  just call 
one "great_function" per user without problem.  I'm confused now :-) 

Best regards.

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