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Reading files in Octave

From: Samuel H. Dupree, Jr.
Subject: Reading files in Octave
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 12:59:24 -0400
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I'm running Octave version 3.0.3 under Mac OS 10.4.11 on a Mac PowerPC G4. I'm attempting to read a file of spherical harmonic coefficients of the form:

 2   0   0.202150907893000000e-03   0.000000000000000000e+00
 3   0   0.121260448837000000e-04   0.000000000000000000e+00
 4   0  -0.145383007072000000e-06   0.000000000000000000e+00
 3   1   0.307082741328000000e-04   0.561066891941000000e-05
 4   1  -0.717780149806000000e-05   0.294743374914000000e-05
 2   2   0.223035130900000000e-04   0.000000000000000000e+00
 3   2   0.488840471683000000e-05   0.168743052295000000e-05
 4   2  -0.143951838385000000e-05  -0.288437212720000000e-05
 2   3   0.000000000000000000e+00   0.000000000000000000e+00
 3   3   0.143603108489000000e-05  -0.334354467700000000e-06
 4   3  -0.854788154819000000e-07  -0.788967312839000000e-06
 2   4   0.000000000000000000e+00   0.000000000000000000e+00
 3   4   0.000000000000000000e+00   0.000000000000000000e+00
 4   4  -0.154903893130000000e-06   0.564041555720000000e-07

In Fortran I can read and store each of the cosine (Cij) and sine (Sij) coefficients using:
read( unit = lulugr, fmt = *, iostat = iret )  i, j, Cl(i,j), Sl(i,j)

In Octave I attempted to do the same thing using fscanf:
 [ j, k, Cl(j+1,k+1), Sl(j+1,k+1), KOUNT ] = fscanf( gravfile, "%i %i %e %e", "C" );
Octave returns an error message stating that k is undefined.

The questions I have for this list are: (1) what am I doing wrong, and (2) how do I get Octave to input data from an ASCII file like the one illustrated above?

Thanks in advance,

Sam Dupree.

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