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Re: embedding octave - floating point exception

From: Jason Riedy
Subject: Re: embedding octave - floating point exception
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 10:46:34 -0400
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And Marco Driusso writes:
> Are you talking about this one?

There are a few such setups.  I haven't looked into the history
of that change; they may have specific reasons in mind.  I'd
assume they will not want to disable trapping generally.

I suspect that the current solution for you is to keep Octave
calls wrapped, and a longer-term solution for Octave is to wrap
its embedding entry points using the C99 functions.  There's
enough build system churn involved that I doubt such a change
should happen right now.

I can't see much use for traps in Octave right now.  There's no
straight-forward way for a user to distinguish a trap caused
by something expressed in Octave's language from a trap caused
from Octave's implementation.

(And for LAPACK, well, the documentation is sorely in need of an


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