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Re: convert matlab to octave

From: Lalu Mansinha
Subject: Re: convert matlab to octave
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 09:10:49 -0400

Hello Jim:

I am a newbie, definitely not as knowledgable as many on this elist.  I know some Matlab, and learning Octave.  If you send me the scripts, a description of the errors, and some test data, I will give it a try.  It will help if you know the versions of Matlab and Octave.

No promises though.

Lalu Mansinha

At 06:03 AM 17/03/2009, Jim Maas wrote:
Hi All,

The other day I asked if anyone had any publicly available scripts that
would demonstrate solving ode's related to michaelis-menten type kinetic
equations in biology.  I found a script for Matlab.  Is there a
converter anywhere that would convert the Matlab.m file to an octave.m
file?  I've tried running what I found and it gives errors.  Anyone game
to help a poor biologist!?  The scripts are small and once I get a
template I'm away.




Jim Maas

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