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paralell cellfun 'parcellfun'

From: WMennerich
Subject: paralell cellfun 'parcellfun'
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 04:42:22 -0700 (PDT)

Jaroslav Hajek-2 wrote:
> If a simple SMP parallelism would suffice your needs, I have recently
> contributed the parcellfun (a parallel cellfun) function into
> OctaveForge/main/general.
> It is simple to use and quite efficient on systems implementing
> efficient process forking, such as GNU/Linux.

Thats exactly that what I was also searching for. Already the cellfun /
arrayfun constructs can make your sources more readable (but often they are
not faster than a for-loop).
Does this function work with the 'standart-Octave' or are some
multicore-subsystems needed?
Does also a 'pararrayfun' exist?
Maybe this function(s) should be core function(s) of octave since then you
can use multiple cores in nearly each multithread situation (E.g.
simulations with different parameter sets).

Cheers, Wolfgang

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