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Re: Octave not finding updated edited files

From: Paul Probert
Subject: Re: Octave not finding updated edited files
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 21:17:04 -0500
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Jim Maas wrote:
> This is a new one for me. I've been running octave 3.01 from the command 
> line on a Linux pc. Usually when debugging most programmes I run them, 
> then go and edit the file, and try running it again. I discovered that 
> octave was not finding the newly edited file after I made some changes 
> using Emacs. I had to exit octave and restart it again for it to find 
> the newly edited version of the .m file that I gave it a command to execute.
> Is this as it is supposed to be? Is there a way I can tell octave to 
> reload the most recently edited file before attempting to run the script 
> again from within octave?
> Thanks
> Jim
> ----
> Jim Maas

Do "help ignore_function_time_stamp" in octave. If somehow yours got set
 to "all" then that would explain the problem. Or if your function is
saved in one of the octave's installed directories, you would get this
  In  any case, you don't have to exit octave, just "clear xxxx" where
xxxx is your function name.

Paul Probert

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