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Re: Grid trouble

From: Per Haugaard
Subject: Re: Grid trouble
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 11:57:23 +0000 (GMT)

Dear Doug

I am new to Octave, source codes and I have not used Linux for long. But I am excited to learn. Looked through the nabble site for messages posted on dec 8 2008. I here found this link

Is this the fix you are refering to and if so how do I implement it? I have a hold.m file in /opt/octave_v303/share/octave/3.0.3/m/plot and in /usr/share/octave/3.0.1/m/plot which one do I change?

I can add line 7 through 9 in both files but I do not see line 1 through 3 in the file. What is the procedure here? Do I here after need to compile the source code again?

Am I on the right track?

Best regard


--- Den lør 21/3/09 skrev Doug Stewart <address@hidden>:

Fra: Doug Stewart <address@hidden>
Emne: Re: Grid trouble
Til: address@hidden
Cc: "Octave help" <address@hidden>
Dato: lørdag 21. marts 2009 22.16

2009/3/20 Per Haugaard <address@hidden>
Dear Users,

I have installed octave v 3.0.3 in /opt/octave_v303/....

I have made a polar plot and I want to change and add some things to the plot as 'grids' but I have some trouble doing so, cf. below:

octave:22> grid ("minor","on");

Invalid call to grid.  Correct usage is:

 -- Function File:  grid (ARG)
 -- Function File:  grid ("minor", ARG2)

Additional help for built-in functions and operators is
available in the on-line version of the manual.  Use the command
`doc <topic>' to search the manual index.

Help and information about Octave is also available on the WWW
at and via the address@hidden
mailing list.

error: evaluating if command near line 45, column 3
error: called from `grid' in file `/usr/share/octave/3.0.1/m/plot/grid.m'

Is it me whom is doing something wrong or is there something wrong with the installation of octave?

When I do a search on my computer I find the grid.m file in both '/usr/share/octave/3.0.1/m/plot/' and in '/opt/octave_v303/share/octave/3.0.3/m/plot'. Since I installed octave version 3.0.3 I guess that the latter directory is the right one.

What could the problem here??????


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Help-octave mailing list

This was fixed back in dec. 2008

If you look back to dec 8 2008 you can see the fix.

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