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Octave 3.0.3 with Dynare 4.0.2 and Windows Vista

From: Shawn Leu
Subject: Octave 3.0.3 with Dynare 4.0.2 and Windows Vista
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 14:10:58 +1100

Dear Users,


I am new to the Octave community.


I am using Octave 3.0.3 with Dynare 4.0.2 and the environment is Windows Vista.


With Windows XP, the file .octaverc that contains the following commands:


pkg rebuild –noauto ftp ann database

addpath c:\dynare\4.0.2\matlab

mark_as_command dynare


can be stored under c:\Document and Settings\USERNAME\


However, I am not really sure where this file should go if one uses Vista as the c:\ drive configuration is different.


I would appreciate any advice you may have.


Many thanks in advance.




Shawn Leu

School of Economics and Finance

La Trobe University

VIC 3086, Australia

Ph: (+61 3) 9479-1731

Fax: (+61 3) 9479-1654


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