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Re: Resampling non-uniform sampled data

From: Lalu Mansinha
Subject: Re: Resampling non-uniform sampled data
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 11:58:40 -0400

There are methods to  determine the spectrum of non-uniformly sampled data.  Take a look at the Lomb-Scargle method described in Numerical Recipes
by William Press et. al.   Numerical Recipes is available for several software packages, including C.  Matlab/Octave versions of the programs may be available on the web.

If you use interp1, my preference is to use the 'spline' method, rather than 'linear.'


Lalu Mansinha

At 11:08 AM 02/04/2009, Ben Abbott wrote:

On Thursday, April 02, 2009, at 05:30AM, "Sean87" <address@hidden> wrote:
>I'm fairly new to Octave and I'm attempting to use it to analyse some data
>that has not been sampled at uniform time intervals.  In order to proceed I
>need to have the sampling uniform.  Does anyone know of a way to interpolate
>and resample the data?

Take a look at interp1

    help interp1


    doc interp1

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