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contourc - Octave vs Matlab

From: Big Muscle
Subject: contourc - Octave vs Matlab
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 19:03:43 +0200



Is Octave’s contourc algorithm supposed to produced exactly same contours as Matlab algorithm? I would like to use Octave’s source code to my application, but it doesn’t provide same result as Matlab. The difference is that Matlab draws some countours at same level as two different contours, but Octave draws it as one.


I also tried to use PLPlot algorithm, but it has completely inversed problem – it sometimes draws two closed contours where Matlab draws only one closed contour.


I think my problem has something to do with saddle points where both algorithms use different techniques to choose which edges to connect.

Is there something to do with this? Thank you!



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