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Setting Gnuplot to "aqua" on Mac OS X. (Tiger)

From: greggallen
Subject: Setting Gnuplot to "aqua" on Mac OS X. (Tiger)
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 21:51:53 -0600


I have no problem using Gnuplot, when I use it alone from the command
line, by changing my environment variable TERM from "xterm-color" to

When I call "plot" from octave, though, it won't use the environment
variable but gives me this:

octave:4> plot(x,y)
gnuplot> plot "-" using ($1):($2) axes x1y1 title "" with lines linestyle 1 ;
         line 0: use 'set term' to set terminal type first
gnuplot> 0 0
         line 0: invalid command

I don't know HOW to set he terminal type from octave.  I need to pass
"aqua" to Gnuplot  when it is called from Octave.

Any suggestions?

I'm totally new to both Gnuplot and Octave, although I have a bit of
experience with MATLAB, back in the mid-nineties.

Thanks in advance.


Gregg Allen

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