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Re: Comfortable Octave usage on Windows

From: Frank Luis Enrique
Subject: Re: Comfortable Octave usage on Windows
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 21:23:10 -0300


I faced the same problem, but it seems there is not such an interface.
Qtoctave is nice, but has the command line separated from the answer
box and I feel a little unconfortable having to click all the time on
the command line box to enter my command. Besides Qtoctave the other
projects (i.e. Octavede) are maintained irregularly.

As a plain user, I found difficult to belive that a simple GUI,
something like a notepad with a prompt, is unavailable. Anyway, for
the moment I use octave on the windows command interpreter. The
options to make this interpreter more friendly are very limited, just
a few options to change the colour of the black background and the
font size...

Perhaps my opinion may sound superficial in this mailing list,
specially when reading about the programming efforts done by many of
the members. But we must realize that having a nice GUI is important
to popularize Octave and for funding for the project as well.

Thanks for bringing the issue and please forgive my ignorance if I
said something wrong!

2009/4/27 Bart Vandewoestyne <address@hidden>:
> Hello list,
> I've been an octave user for quite some years now.  For my
> editing, i work on Linux with vi and simply run octave from a
> terminal.  I now recently switched from university.  At my new
> job, i have advised my collegues to use Octave instead of Matlab
> for their number-crunching... just to get rid of all the license
> problems and costs that they have.
> Now... slowly... some of them are trying out Octave on Windows.
> However, for now, they are not convinced yet... mostly because they
> are not as geekish as I am and they prefer GUI's instead of
> command-line interface.
> So my question is... is it possible to setup a nice
> GUI-environment for Octave on Windows without too much geekish
> installation effort?  I cannot expect my collegues to be skilled
> linux-command-line-experts.  Their knowledge of Linux and command
> line is very very limited (ls, cd, ... and that's it...)  From
> what my collegues told me, the things they were missing the most
> are the following (in order of importance):
> * GUI with easy adding of new files, changing path, ...
> * Run scripts by pressing a 'Run' button... (i know, some people
>  like this ;-)
> * Interactive editing of figures (colors, axes, ...)
> * Interactive debugging (step into, etc...)
> Does there exist a GUI/IDE for Octave on Windows that is similar
> in functionality to Matlab?  If not, what is a typical good
> text-editor that is being used on Windows in combination with
> Octave?
> Please help me in convincing my collegues! :-)
> Kind regards,
> Bart
> --
>        "Share what you know.  Learn what you don't."
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