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Re: Comfortable Octave usage on Windows

From: dbateman
Subject: Re: Comfortable Octave usage on Windows
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 01:15:33 -0700 (PDT)

maiky76 wrote:
> I see that my pov is not shared by many people but I think that's
> important to voice it as it is just different and I believe that many
> engineers like me would share it. 

I don't think its a question of sharing your pov.. Its a question of the
funding model of all open source software... Open source code is funded and
developed by users saying that a code is missing a feature they want and
being willing to fund it either through coding the feature themselves or
funding someone else to do it. Yes a GUI/IDE is not high on my personal list
of features that interest me (as you can see by the changes I've made in
Octave), but if it is high on yours I respect your position and again incite
you to fund its development either through writing code or funding someone
else to do it.

If you don't then all your comments come down to a whine that Octave doesn't
do what I want and expecting someone else to spend their valuable time and
money to develop it for you for free... Don't expect the people who do
develop Octave and make their changes available to you for free to make
changes you want without funding it... It is that simple


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