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R: Trouble building 3.2.2 (pthread)

From: Riccardo Corradini
Subject: R: Trouble building 3.2.2 (pthread)
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 09:27:49 +0000 (GMT)

Hi George,
try to install the glib rpm package for redhat

Riccardo Corradini

--- Mar 8/9/09, George Bohannon <address@hidden> ha scritto:

Da: George Bohannon <address@hidden>
Oggetto: Trouble building 3.2.2 (pthread)
A: address@hidden
Data: Martedì 8 settembre 2009, 06:20

> I'm trying to build 3.2.2 on a Red Hat EL4 system. I installed gcc 4.3.4 specifically for this purpose. I ran configure successfully as follows:

> ./configure F77=gfortran

> I then ran 'make' and got the following error after building for a while. ...

I got past the pthread problem by defining the following environment variable and rerunning configure:

$ export LDFLAGS=-lpthread

However, I then ran make and encountered the following error. Any suggestions?

making doc-files
DOC_FILES = __contourc__.df __convn__.df __delaunayn__.df __dsearchn__.df __glpk__.df __lin_interpn__.df __magick_read__.
df __pchip_deriv__.df __qp__.df __voronoi__.df amd.df balance.df besselj.df betainc.df bitfcns.df bsxfun.df ccolamd.df ce
llfun.df chol.df colamd.df colloc.df conv2.df convhulln.df daspk.df dasrt.df dassl.df data.df debug.df defaults.df det.df
 dirfns.df dispatch.df dlmread.df dmperm.df eig.df eigs.df error.df fft.df fft2.df fftn.df fftw.df file-io.df filter.df f
ind.df fltk_backend.df gammainc.df gcd.df getgrent.df getpwent.df getrusage.df givens.df graphics.df help.df hess.df hex2
num.df input.df inv.df kron.df lex.df load-path.df load-save.df lookup.df ls-oct-ascii.df lsode.df lu.df luinc.df mappers
.df matrix_type.df max.df md5sum.df oct-hist.df octave.df ov-base.df ov-cell.df ov-class.df ov-fcn-handle.df ov-fcn-inlin
e.df ov-flt-re-mat.df ov-int16.df ov-int32.df ov-int64.df ov-int8.df ov-list.df ov-null-mat.df ov-re-mat.df ov-struct.df
ov-typeinfo.df ov-uint16.df ov-uint32.df ov-uint64.df ov-uint8.df ov-usr-fcn.df ov.df pager.df parse.df pinv.df pr-output
.df pt-arg-list.df pt-eval.df pt-mat.df qr.df quad.df qz.df rand.df rcond.df regexp.df schur.df sighandlers.df sparse.df
spparms.df sqrtm.df strfns.df svd.df syl.df symbfact.df symrcm.df symtab.df syscalls.df sysdep.df time.df toplev.df tsear
ch.df typecast.df urlwrite.df utils.df variables.df
mv doc-files-t doc-files
g++ -g -O2 -o gendoc -lpthread
./gendoc: /usr/lib64/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9' not found (required by ./gendoc)
make[2]: *** [DOCSTRINGS] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/octave-3.2.2/src'
make[1]: *** [src] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/octave-3.2.2'
make: *** [all] Error 2

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