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interp1 - bug

From: Roberto Abuter
Subject: interp1 - bug
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 13:07:18 +0200
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Hi :

  I am using the most basic form of interp1 in both matlab and octave.
To my surprise interp1 in octave (3.0.2) is producing some very strange results on my data.

I have a set of two vectors X, Y where X has a sawtooth shape (4 repetitions) and Y has 4 repetitions of an increasing/decreasing amplitude sine wave.
  to start very simple I just check the interp1 engine by making :
XI = X;
  YI = interp1(X,Y,XI)

to my surprise, the result YI comes out not identical to Y . well, if I try to interp1 with XI as my target grid ( a regular one ) I get absolutely wierd results.

hope someone can give me a hint.

many thanks in advance,

Roberto Abuter
VLTI project-
E.S.O ( Europeam Southern Observatory)

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