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Re: Problem with octave/gnuplot/aquaterm on Snow Leopard

From: Thomas Treichl
Subject: Re: Problem with octave/gnuplot/aquaterm on Snow Leopard
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 12:49:27 +0200
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Helly John schrieb:

I'm new to Octave and gnuplot and Aquaterm but have just installed all
of these on my system.  Here's the configuration:

- Mac OS X 10.6.1
- AquaTerm v1.0.1 (1.0.1)
- Octave-3.2.2
- GNUPLOT 4.2 patchlevel 6

When I try to plot in octave this is what happens:
octave-3.2.2:1> Y=[1:10]
Y =

     1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10

octave-3.2.2:2> plot(Y)
Unknown or ambiguous terminal name 'aqua'

gnuplot> set terminal aqua enhanced title "Figure 1" size 560 420
          line 0: unknown or ambiguous terminal type; type just 'set
terminal' for a list

          line 0: No terminal defined

gnuplot> plot "-" binary format='%float64' record=10 using ($1):($2)
axes x1y1 title "" with lines linestyle 1 ;
          line 0: use 'set term' to set terminal type first

octave-3.2.2:3> system ("echo $GNUTERM")
ans = 0

Do you have any suggestions as to what might be wrong?


it looks like that your Gnuplot 4.2.6 has not been compiled against libaquaterm.dylib. It's not just that you need to install AquaTerm on your Mac, the one who compiles the sources that you have got needs to compile against libaquaterm.dylib. At least I hope that this is your problem. You can check this if you type "set terminal" after starting Gnuplot and then check the second line for the "aqua" terminal. On my system with Gnuplot 4.2.5 this looks like

  gnuplot> set terminal
  Available terminal types:
             aqua  Interface to graphics terminal server for Mac OS X
              cgm  Computer Graphics Metafile
            corel  EPS format for CorelDRAW

If the aqua terminal is not listed then you might have no chance to plot in an AquaTerm without recompilation of the Gnuplot sources.

Best regards


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