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Re: Mac OSX user problem; where should my octaverc be?

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: Re: Mac OSX user problem; where should my octaverc be?
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 2010 08:27:59 -0500

On Feb 1, 2010, at 5:04 AM, Harbinson, Jeremy wrote:

> Hi, 
> This is one of those problems that is the fault of the user rather than the 
> software. For a while now I have been manually updating an .octaverc file 
> located in my home directory (ie Users/jeremyharbinson) to reflect changes in 
> as octave evolved. Recently the path structure of octave has 
> changed so that some of the paths in my .octaverc file (which originated in 
> Octave 2 point something) no longer exist and I get lots of 'paths not found 
> messages' when I start Octave. Given the maturity of Octave I suppose the 
> procedure I am using is unneccesary, so my question is which octaverc is 
> automatically modified when I update Octave (then I can just work with this 
> to include my own octave script directories), or where, ideally, should my 
> octaverc be and what should be in it given the recent changes in Octave.
> A last question, which may have a bearing on the above; when I start Octave 
> by typing 'Octave' in terminal (rather than clicking on an older 
> version of Octave (2.9.9) starts ( is 3.2.2), which I guess means 
> that some of the path information in my system is outdated. Is this parallel 
> installation undesirable?
> Thanks 
> all the best, 
> Jeremy Harbinson

Re: "which octaverc is automatically modified when I update Octave"

What do you do to "update Octave"?

I'll assume you mean "savepath"?

Your .octaverc should in your home directory. Since the 2.0 series the way your 
path information is stored has been changed. I recommend you ...

(1) Type "pathdef" to see what is in your path and make note of the local 
portion you want to keep.
(2) Type "restoredefaultpath"
(3) Type "addpath ("<the local portion you want>")
(4) Type :"savepath"


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