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Re: Linux environment variable question

From: Dupuis
Subject: Re: Linux environment variable question
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 08:00:25 -0800 (PST)

David Aldrich-2 wrote:
> Hi
> I need to run a function under Octave that requiries two filenames as
> parameters. The parameters must be full paths, but the paths are long, so
> I want to specify part of the path by an environment variable. However, I
> can't get the syntax right. Here is what I do:
> $ mypath = 'home/myname' 
> $ octave -q --eval "fprintf('%x', RegressionTest($mypath + 'filename1',
> $mypath + 'filename2'))"
> but this gives a syntax error in the path.
> What would be correct syntax please?

If you really need to access an environment variable from inside , getenv()
is the answer. In your case, the problem is at shell expansion rules. On my
machine, I tried
export MYPATH=toto
echo octave -q --eval "fprintf('%x', RegressionTest($MYPATH  'filename1',
$MYPATH  'filename2'))" 
to obtain
octave -q --eval fprintf('%x', RegressionTest(toto  'filename1', toto 
This doesn't work, because 'toto' is interpreted as a variable name
The solution is
echo octave -q --eval "fprintf('%x', RegressionTest('$MYPATH/filename1',
to get
octave -q --eval fprintf('%x', RegressionTest('toto/filename1',

your two errors where
1) mypath=something doesn't make the environenment variable available for
next commands, 'export' is required. 
2) string1 + string2 doesn't create a valid path name : if you need to
concatenate a dir name and a file name inside octave, use filesep() for a
portable way of doing this.


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