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Plot help

From: Keith personal
Subject: Plot help
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 22:18:43 -0600


I used to know Matlab and have recently started using Octave. I was having problems generating PDFs of my graphs and have upgraded to 3.2.2 for windows to resolve that issue. Now that I can generate proper PDFs, my script does not display the graphs correctly any more. Previously, I could plot and scale them, but the PDF was always a portrait version. Now, I get the graph and can set the axes, but now it is merely a ribbon across the page and not legible. How do I stretch the graph vertically so that it is legible again? Is this a known issue? Once this is resolved, How do I generate a landscape PDF of this graph which will actually fill the page?

The script I am running uses these pertinent lines:

[ax, h1, h2] = plotyy(time,press,time,volt);
xlabel ("Time (min)");
ylabel (ax(1), "Pressure (psi)");
ylabel (ax(2), "Voltage (V)");
# set max values to 100 psi and 6 V
set (ax(1),"ylim",[0,110]); #All is good to here.
set (ax(2),"ylim",[0,6]);

When I type the last line to set the 2nd axis, it gets set correctly, but the first y axis gets vertically crushed, though the x axis is fine. It displays across the middle of the resulting figure. This did not happen with 3.2.0 for windows, but does now. Is there a bug in plotyy or am I making a simple mistake with the graphics handling?



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