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Re: plot orientation feature; plot filling page

From: KeithG
Subject: Re: plot orientation feature; plot filling page
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2010 21:43:56 -0800 (PST)

I am trying to do the same thing and am a bit confused. I have the latest
windows package 3.2.3. I have updated a couple scripts based on some bug
reports I have found. Specifically, I have grabbed a later plotyy.m from the
3.3.50 release and that fixes the plotyy bug where it would resize the plots
if the axes were scaled. I have downloaded the latest orient.m that has the
"orient tall" feature. So, at this stage, I am back where I was with the
3.2.0 version in that I can generate a PDF plotyy, but I would still like to
expand the graph to fit the PDF page. As it is now, I get a landscape page
orientation in the PDF and the vertical information fills the 8.5" height
dimension of the page reasonably, but the 11" width dimension is not filled
and the aspect ratio looks more like a portrait orientation of the graph
placed on the landscape paper orientation. Is there a simple way to adjust
this that I am not getting?

I create the graph using something similar to this:

orient landscape
print -landscape test_plot.pdf

The gnuplot looks fine but the pdf does not fill the page very well.


Ben Abbott wrote:
> On Nov 18, 2009, at 12:37 AM, octaveUser wrote:
>> I'm trying to do something simple, print a file to a certain paper size
>> and
>> have the plot fill the whole page. In matlab this is done in the
>> following
>> way: >orient tall, will fill a portrait page, >orient ladscape will flip
>> the
>> plot 90degrees and fill the page.  Octave prints with the plot only
>> filling
>> a box in the center of the page with large margins at the top and bottom.
>> The plotting to pdf finally works great, it just seems like it would be
>> really usefull to have the plot fill the page. I understand I have to
>> interact with gnuplot to get this done. This is the number one feature
>> request I have, a simple way to make a plot fill a page, and rotate the
>> plot
>> and have it fit the page. Was there an easy way to do this I missed.
>> Thanks,
>> octave is wonderful.   
> Currently Octave's orient() function does not recognize the "tall" option,
> and the "landscape", "portrait" options do not flip the "papersize" (1x2)
> vector. So there are both a missing feature and a bug.
> To do what you want,
> # equivalent to "orient tall"
> papersize = get (gcf, "papersize"); # presently the paper units must be
> inches
> border = 0.25;
> set (gcf, "paperposition", [border, border, (papersize - 2*border)])
> # To change orientation
> orientation = get (gcf, "paperorientation");
> papersize = get (gcf, "papersize");
> paperposition = get (gcf, "paperposition");
> set (gcf, "paperposition", paperposition([2, 1, 4, 3]);
> set (gcf, "papersize", papersize ([2, 1]);
> set (gcf, "paperorientation", setdiff ({"landscape", "portrait"},
> orientation);
> I'll prepare a changeset today.
> Ben
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