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Re: can "edit filename" open the new file in emacs itself?

From: aditya
Subject: Re: can "edit filename" open the new file in emacs itself?
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 11:02:07 +0100 (CET)
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Dear all,

Please ignore my previous posting and consider this posting. I have
corrected a detail in my last sentence that could matter.

I want emacs to open 'myFile' in a new subwindow in the current emacs,
after giving the command 'edit(myFile)'. This way, I can send commands to
the already existing inferior octave buffer.

On 18 dec 2009, Rob suggested I do the following:

>> Within emacs (possibly in an init file), say
>>      M-x server-start
>> Then from octave,
>>      edit('editor','emacsclient %s')
>> or
>>      edit('editor','emacsclient -n %s')

I succesfully implemented those changes then, and reported my experiences
to this mailing list on the same day:

> Thx Rob, this is exactly what I was looking for! Let me give everyone else
>  some more details on how I modified .emacs and .octaverc to make it work,
> following Rob's advice. Maybe this can be added in the octave manual,
> section on emacs as I believe this is a customization that every
> emacs/octave user could benefit from!
> .emacs
> ------
> ;; Start emacs server
> (server-start)
> .octaverc
> ----------
> # "edit" should open new buffer within current emacs process
> # -n: closing this buffer shouldn't give  warning from emacs server
> edit('editor','emacsclient -n %s')
> # octave shell shouldn't wait for the editing to be finished
> edit('mode','async')

This worked for me then, on my Ubuntu platform. However, now I am trying
the same thing on my Windows platform and it is not working.  Typing
edit('editor','emacsclient -n %s') seems ok. But when I then give the
command edit myFile, I get the following error:
error: system: CreateProcess failed -- can't create child process
error: called from:
error: c:\Octave\3.2.3_gcc-4.4.0\share\octave\3.2.3\m\miscellaneous\edit.m
at line 294, column 7

How can I get it working on my Windows platform too?
Many thanks for your help.



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