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unambiguous property match in graphics handle

From: E. Joshua Rigler
Subject: unambiguous property match in graphics handle
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 17:37:54 -0700

Is it possible to force graphics handle functions like get/set to
return/define unambiguous matches to incomplete property strings the
same way ML does?  If not, has this been considered, and do any
regular users or maintainers have an opinion on this functionality?

For context, I am attempting to get the free ML mapping toolbox M_Map
to work under Octave.  Most of the problems I have experienced so far
relate to the fact that the author of this toolbox used abbreviated
graphics property names like "ticklen" instead of "ticklength" (and
many more).  I am currently working through the code and attempting to
modify all such instances, but it would be nice if in the future
something like M_map just worked without modification.


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