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Octave with FLTK backend on Mac OS X?

From: Matthias Brennwald
Subject: Octave with FLTK backend on Mac OS X?
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 08:53:38 +0100

Dear all

I'd like to try the FLTK backend on my Mac OS X box. I currently use the Octave version from MacPorts, which does not include the FLTK backend (for reasons I do not really understand). What are my options?


Matthias Brennwald
Eawag, CH-8600 Dübendorf
Office Eawag BU-C08: +41 44 823 53 05
Lab Eawag LA-C76: +41 44 823 53 06
Lab ETHZ CLA A31.6: +41 632 09 36/39

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