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Re: Mathworks-hosted GPL'd software

From: Søren Hauberg
Subject: Re: Mathworks-hosted GPL'd software
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2010 17:29:22 -0800

søn, 14 02 2010 kl. 00:17 +0000, skrev FW:
> I find sourceforge to be a pain overall, with its lame email archive, its 
> ads, 
> and its funky download system.  The way octave forge is set up there might 
> deter casual scripters from posting their scripts, even while it is pretty 
> decent as a place for people to develop bigger libraries.  The mathworks site 
> is a great place to put a 20 line one-off that others might find useful, and 
> there is no analogue for the Octave world that I know of.

I basically agree with your observations. We have made changes to the
Octave-Forge release system, that should make it easier for people to
release packages. This, however, doesn't change that Octave-Forge is
basically a place where people can distribute packages, and not a place
where people can share various scripts and minor functions.

I would support creating such place, and I would not object to hosting
this on the Octave-Forge web site. I, however, do not have the time to
actually work on this, so somebody else would have to do the actual
work. In practice, I guess the solution would be to setup some Drupal
system, and write a plugin for uploading files. I don't think it would
be a lot of work, but still I don't have the time :-(


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