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Re: Mathworks-hosted GPL'd software

From: Judd Storrs
Subject: Re: Mathworks-hosted GPL'd software
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 20:06:56 -0500

I just noticed that MathWorks also appears to have changed the Terms
of Service for the entire Matlab Central website recently. The current
Terms of Service now includes
the following sentence:

"All content contained in the MATLAB Central File Exchange may only be
used with MathWorks products."

According to my reading of the for from 2002 through the May 10
2008 snapshot (the last I was able to successfully access) the ToS for
Matlab Central did not include this statement and I don't specifically
see anything in the prior text that would correspond to this new
condition. I believe the GPL would be incompatible with this new
policy so I would not be surprised if the change in ToS occurred at
the same time. I don't think the ToS can limit an octave user's
ability to use and adapt BSD licensed code downloaded from Matlab
Central? Probably the worst they can do is delete a login based on for
ToS violation? They can't use wire-fraud can they?


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