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Re: Need gcc compiler download link for Windows Vista

From: Benjamin Lindner
Subject: Re: Need gcc compiler download link for Windows Vista
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 08:32:14 +0100

> Would someone please provide me with a download link for gcc for Windows
> Vista?  I searched around but kept on getting bounced around,
> never finding the actual downloadable file for Vista and instructions on
> how
> to install it.  Even a US mirror site that I clicked on appears to be
> broken. provides the source code for gcc.
Binaries for win32 are available from or (these are also referred to as TDM gcc)
There is no specific version for windows vista.
If you want a 64bit compiler, look at

Installation is done manually (e.g. by downloading the necessary binary 
packages and unzipping them). provides some installation guidelines.

You'll need at least
 mingwrt-dev and -dll

> Also, I currently have octave\3.2.2_gcc-4.3.0 installed (but apparently no
> compiler).  Do I specifically need the gcc-4.3.0 version, or can/should I
> install a newer version of gcc?

You should find the mingw32 comiler in the mingw32/ subdirectory of your octave 
installation path.
Octave 3.2.2 was built with the 4.3.0-2 TDM (dw2) compiler.
Octave 3.2.3 and later are built with the 4.4.0 mingw32 compiler.

What are you trying to do?

If you want to compile .oct files the you'll need the compiler that was used to 
build octave with. 

If you want to compile octave itself you can choose the compiler you want. I 
suggest to use 4.4.0 or later.

Bleeding edge (i.e. 4.5.0) compilers are available from the mingw-w64 project 
(they also provide 32bit-targetted versions) - these are of course still under 
development and not yet released as stable.


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