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RE: RE: Need gcc compiler download link for Windows Vista

From: Tim Rueth
Subject: RE: RE: Need gcc compiler download link for Windows Vista
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 09:33:58 -0800

I downloaded and installed
Octave-3.2.3-2_i686-pc-mingw32_gcc-4.4.0_setup.exe, and installed it in a
directory with no spaces.  My previous install was an earlier version, and I
had it installed in a path with spaces (oops).  All seems to be well (for)
now.  You guys rock.


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From: Benjamin Lindner [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 11:41 PM
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Subject: Re: RE: Need gcc compiler download link for Windows Vista

> Thanks Tatsuro.  I downloaded and installed MinGW-4.1.6.exe from your 
> first link.

That's the wrong one. It will give you a 3.x.x version of mingw gcc.
> I now have gcc, g++, g77, etc. (no g95 or gfortran) executables in the 
> bin directory, but no ming32-gcc..., ming32-g++..., or ming32-gfortran...
> executables.  Were these particular files supposed to be downloaded? 
> There
> is no version number shown as part of the executable filename.  Did I 
> install the wrong MinGW file?

> To answer your previous question, I was trying to install the octave 
> "time"
> and "miscellaneous" packages when it complained that I didn't have a 
> compiler, hence my quest to find one.  I don't whether I will build 
> any dynamically-linked functions...right now I just want to write a .m 
> file that does some statistical analysis on an input data file, with 
> possibly some .m function calls.  I'm not a savvy programmer when it 
> comes to understanding how to install programs, so I appreciate your 
> time and help!

If you just want these packages to use them, you can choose them at
installation time.
Just re-install octave and select the packages you want to have installed

The problem that "pkg install" does not work for you is possibly caused by
installing octave into a path that contains spaces (e.g.
c:\program files\octave)
Please install octave into a path without spaces, otherwise package
installation will not work.

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