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dvipdf title...

From: Lorenzo Trojan
Subject: dvipdf title...
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 14:43:10 +0000 (GMT)


I don't know if this is an issue... when I produce an eps plot with octave 
(3.0.5 from ubuntu reps) and include it in a latex file, the pdf file produced 
by dvipdf takes the title of of the included image...

I'm attaching an example to make myself clear. When the pdf file is opened, the 
title appears to be tmp2.eps (using evince 2.28.1 using poppler 0.12.0 cairo), 
the correct titles should be either Test (title specifyed with the \title 
command), or at least tmp.pdf. The pdf file can be created using typing make 
once the tarfile has been extracted.

Is there a way to prevent this odd behaviour?


p.s. some other output:

% latex -version
pdfTeX using libpoppler 3.141592-1.40.3-2.2 (Web2C 7.5.6)
kpathsea version 3.5.6
Copyright 2007 Peter Breitenlohner (eTeX)/Han The Thanh (pdfTeX).
Kpathsea is copyright 2007 Karl Berry and Olaf Weber.
There is NO warranty.  Redistribution of this software is
covered by the terms of both the pdfTeX using libpoppler copyright and
the Lesser GNU General Public License.
For more information about these matters, see the file
named COPYING and the pdfTeX using libpoppler source.
Primary author of pdfTeX using libpoppler: Peter Breitenlohner (eTeX)/Han The 
Thanh (pdfTeX).
Kpathsea written by Karl Berry, Olaf Weber, and others.

Compiled with libpng 1.2.37; using libpng 1.2.37
Compiled with zlib; using zlib
Compiled with libpoppler version 0.12.0

% dvips -v
This is dvips(k) 5.96.1 Copyright 2007 Radical Eye Software (

% gs --version

hope this is useful...


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